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Tifa Gloves: Tutorial Compilation by XiaoStarCosplay Tifa Gloves: Tutorial Compilation by XiaoStarCosplay
This is more of a compilation of how I made my Tifa gloves, rather than a full on tutorial, but regardless I hope it helps!

STEP 01: I purchased some red gloves off of ebay. Originally I just wanted to get some straight up red boxing gloves, but I have SUPER tiny hands, so I could not find any in my size. I'm also not glove savvy so I couldn't sew them by hand. After hours of searching I found these and figured I could modify them.

STEP 02: I cut each glove to size, shortening them at the wrist, and shortening the fingerless areas. I then hemmed each finger part, and the wrist.

STEP 03: I took a pair of black ankle legging tights I had, and cut them arm length wise. (they were ripped anyway!) The part around the ankle I kept on the upper arm, while the part I cut up by the leg is by the hand. I cut a hole where my thumb would go, and slipped it in.

STEP 04: After that I worked on creating the boxing 'pouch' on the glove. These gloves I bought specifically had a pouch on it, supposed to be doubling as a mitten. Instead I stuffed the pouch full ( with my old gloves actually! ) and sewed it up to create the bulge.

STEP 04: Now the fun part which created a lot of burns and frustration! Hot glue time! I took extra ribbon I had left over and hot glued it around the glove while I was wearing it, to create the fighters wrap on her gloves.

STEP 05: Hot glue the same ribbon around the wrist. BUT BE CAREFUL. I messed up soo many times on this. Try not to wrap it TOO tightly when you glue it, or you won't be able to get your hand OUT or IN.

To get around this, I took the widest part of my hand and put it at the base around the wrist. That way I for sure would be able to put it on and remove it.

I then hot glued the beginning of the black ribbon around the upper wrist.

STEP 06: Finish hot gluing the white ribbon, and layer the black ribbon around the wrist for a more photogenic glove. This glove is now complete, yay!

STEP 07: Do steps 2, 3 & 4. Hot glue the black ribbon around the wrist.

STEP 08: Hot glue black ribbon around the fingertips. Hot glue green flat marble gems in the necessary areas for the materia.

TA DA! You just made yourself a pair of Tifa gloves.

BUT WAIT. Won't the knitted fabric look REALLY BAD?

Up close it may not look ideal, but in photos it looks great! You can check out the ones I made with my full cosplay below!

TheWillfulWanderer Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Neet! Would wear even when not Tifa. ^_^
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